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1. How do you separate Foreground (FG), Middleground (MG) and Background (BG) in a framed image?


In the image above, the Lamp is in the Foreground, the Human Characters in the Long Shot (i.e., on the border between the Middle and the Background) and the blue light through the windows and beyond are the Background.

Separating an image into ground is the photographer's job.

In seven ways that can be done :

Lensing - Wide lens shows close objects/subjects gigantically bigger than the very small Background objects/subjects. Tele lens does the opposite.Color of property, costume and lightBrightnessFocusMotion/MovementShot Magnification - Different character size in different groundsDirection from which light is coming You can see a good example of all these in motion picture, in the following video.

2. What do you understand by Composition?
Ans. Composition is the art of arranging Characters and Properties in the frame. 
These things must be kept in mind. The Aspect Ratio, or shape…